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About Us

A Martial Arts Charity in Glasgow

Geez a Gi is a non-profit organisation based in Glasgow, Scotland, and our mission is to make martial arts accessible to all. Our founding Members understand that there are financial barriers that can prevent many individuals from participating in Martial Arts. This is why they started this charity, so that we ...

Martial Arts and Their Several Benefits

We believe that martial arts can have a positive impact on individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and we are committed to removing any obstacles that may prevent someone from experiencing these. 

Martial arts are a great way to get fit, reduce stress, and boost confidence and self-esteem. They can also help ...


UKMAS 2024

Geez A Gi had a fantastic weekend in Doncaster, rubbing shoulders with some of the industry greats, and making new contacts. We sould out on our 'scratch card' game and sold some of our new Geez A Gi mugs which we debuted at this event. Overall it was a great weekend had by all, and we made £200.10 from donations and sales. 

Philanthropy Award 2023

As a charity we believe it is important to promote an environment of generosity, kindness, and hospitality. To do this we decided to create an award that we will be handing out Annually. This award will be given to an individual; chosen from our Members, Associate Dojos, or Sponsors, who have demonstrated a charitable ethos throughout the year. 

On the 11th of December 2023, our Chairman was honoured to present this award for the first time, to the Sharp Family for their support of not only the charity but their own Dojo. 

Senjokai Interclub Championship

We had the pleasure of attending our Associate Dojo's interclub Championship on the 19th November. They had an amazing turn out with over a hundred competitors over varied categories of Kata and Kumite. 

As a result of our attendance we raised £33.59 in cash donations, received five new Gi, and gained a New Member. We are appreciative of the continued support we receive from everyone at Senjokai Karate.

Manchester MLMA Event

Geez A Gi had the privilege of attending the Missing Link Martial Arts Senior Seminar on the 1st October 2023.
The venue was amazing at Fighting Fit, with the Octagon providing a great place for our banner. This event was a lot smaller than the couple we have been to before, however it was another opportunity to get our cause out there. Everyone that came to the event left with a smile, brochure, and a sticker. 

First Application GRANTED

We are ecstatic to announce that on the 18th of August 2023, just eight months after going public, we have delivered our first Gi. Chairman Matthew Law had the pleasure of hand delivering the Gi to Kayden Sweeney, who trains with MIssing Link Martial Arts, and we are happy to report that it fit him perfectly and that he was so pleased with it. We look forward to seeing Kayden's progression in his Martial Arts journey, along with helping others on theirs. 

Close Quarter Coffee packs a punch for Geez A Gi

A brand new Coffee company, coming not only to the Coffee market but also the Martial Arts industry is Close Quarter Coffee. Owned by former Marine, turned MMA coach, Sam Graham is an advocate of promoting good mental health, and believes that exercise and sharing a chat over a cuppa are some of the best ways to achieve this. He has been very kind to team up with us in the early stages of his business and we look forward to growing together. 

Dr Chloe MacLean joins Geez A Gi

Chloe, as a 9x British Karate, 4x European 'Wado', and 2x Commonwealth Champion; as well as being the Director for Woman and Girls Interests with Karate Scotland, brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to our charity. We are delighted to have her on board and look forward to working with her in the future. 

Rasa gives up on UPP

The next Board Challenge starts tomorrow, with our Treasurer Rasa Kilikeviciute not consuming any ultra-processed food products for 30 days. This Challenge will see Rasa giving up foods such as chocolate, sweets, ready to eat meats and meals, and a lot more.

This challenge is to highlight the benefits of healthy nutrition, Rasa will be posting a blog along with recipes that you can follow here. You can also donate to the Just Giving Page by clicking the link.

The Kilted Karateka joins Geez A Gi

Last night, 26th July 2023, our Chairman Matthew Law had the pleasure of meeting the Kilted Karateka himself Ben Eayrs. Ben has been studying Martial Arts for over two decades, training in Shotokan and Shorin-ryu Karate, as well as Ryukyu Kobudo. We look forward to working with him to further the charity and Martial Arts as a whole. 

Ben was also kind enough to donate a Gi along with signing up as a Member. 

Grant Applications Open

On the 19th June 2023, after just under 6 months of campaigning to grow the charity, Geez A Gi are happy to be able to offer their grants for a Gi or other discipline specific uniform.

You can apply for get a copy of the Application Form by visiting the 'Apply' tab, or by contacting the team bu phone, email, or through social media. A physical copy of the form can also be printed by yourself, or we can mail you a copy. 

Secretary Challenge Fundraiser

The Charity's Secretary, Joan Law, has completed her challenge of swimming 500m and then treading water for 30 minutes in the one session. She completed this at the Castlemilk Swimming Pool in Glasgow on May 31st. 

Chairman Challenge Fundraiser

Our Chairman, Matthew Law, took on the challenge of practising Qi-Gong for 30 minutes each day for 30 days. He was able to do this in some amazing locations across Scotland, raising awareness of the Charity in the process.  

Online Store NOW OPEN

B4Branded have been generously offered to host an online merchandise for Geez A Gi, and we expected. 

The store offers baseball caps, beanies, t-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, zippers and zoodies, in a wide range of colours to match your style. So please show your support of our charity by wearing one of our fantastic items. 

Members also receive a 30% discount across the store

(Membership must be active and processed prior to purchasing any items for the discount to be applied, this cannot be done retrospectively)

UK Martial Arts Show 2023

Over Coronation Weekend Geez A Gi's Chairman and English Ambassador, Matthew Law and Alan Ball, had the privilege of attending the UK Martial Arts Show 2023 in Doncaster. Their table was visited by local legends and Movie stars from within the industry and the general reception was fantastic. Definitely an event that is in our calendar for next year.  

The charity receives a donation of over seventy martial arts garments, and raised £53.55. 

First Sponsor

Geez A Gi has now got its first Official Sponsor in Affordable Restorations Ayrshire. The owner Jordon knows the positive effects that training in a Martial Art can have in an individual's life, and shares our passion about making this accessible to everyone. With his help Geez A Gi is ready for the future, a step closer to fulfilling applications.   

First Event

On the 25th and 26th of March, Geez A Gi was invited to attend the grading of our Associate Dojo Senjokai Karate. This was a major success for us as we received 11 Gi, £71.01, and our first Sponsor, Affordable Restoration Ayrshire. 

For more information please check our our 'Sponsors' tab, or our Facebook page

First Associate Dojo

We are delighted to welcome Senjokai Karate Academy as our first Associate Dojo. Sensei Liam Gallagher is equally enthusiastic about Martial Arts and giving people the opportunity to practise. It was not hard to find a place for him and his club with Geez A Gi, and we look forward to what we might achieve together in the future. 

Gi Collection Campaign

We have officially launched our first fundraising campaign, in an aim of building our Gi reservse, ready to start filling Application Forms in June 2023. 

So please post us your Gi, whether old or new, to us at the address below; or you can donate via our 'Support' tab or our Justgiving Page.

Thank you. 


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