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Annual General Meeting 2024 (TBC)

Massive event that you will NOT want to miss. 

The AGM and linked activities will be held on the 16th & 17th of November 2024 (provisional date).  

Saturday 16th November

Members and Non-Members will be invited to take part in a series of family fun events to raise awareness and funds for the charity. There will be a fun run, raffle, and merchandise. 

This will also be opportunity for non-members to sign up, and for existing Members to informally discuss issues or suggestions they have about the direction of the charity.
After a short break Members will be invited to attend a dinner during which the official AGM will be held, before winners of the various prizes and awards will be announced.

Sunday 17th November

Geez A Gi will host a Martial Arts Seminar which will be open to all ages and abilities, Members and non Members. The instructors of this Seminar will be; 

Matthew Law - Founder and Chairman of Geez A Gi 

Heero Miketta - Founder of Missing Link Martial Arts (Associate Dojo) 

Liam Gallagher - Chief Instructor of Senjokai Karate (Associate Dojo)  

Les Bubka - Chief Instructor of Martial Arts for Mental Health, and producer of the Anxiouse Black Belt. 

This Seminar will be held in the morning before a short break before an early dinner. During this dinner their will be opportunity to sign up as a Member, enter a raffle, and purchase merchandise to support the charity. 

After the dinner is concluded the official AGM will be held, before winners of the various prizes and awards are announced. 

Updates and confirmations to follow. Please check availability out and tickets bellow.


Open Day/AGM Dinner 

16th November 2024, Glasgow 

Open Day is FREE to attend, there is opportunity to donate, participate in a race and raffel, and to purchase merchandise. All the money raise will go to furthering our mission and developing our programmes.  

Attendance at the AGM is free to all Members, however there will be a fee per person for the meal, this will be confirmed as soon as possible. 

Martial Arts Seminar 

17th November 2024, Glasgow 

Adult Price Non-Member - £30

Adult Price Member - £20 (or FREE with 1st Yr Gift Coupon) 

Junior Price Non-Member - £18

Junior Price Member - £15 (or FREE with 1st Yr Gift Coupon) 

Tickets sales have not opened yet, prices are forecasted at present.

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